"This little seat is great. Very easy to attach to any tree. Takes about ten minutes to attach the strap and tighten it with the ratchet. When done just un ratchet it. Light enough to put in your backpack. Comfortable and holds my weight at 290lbs. Definitely recommended."

– Bob Glick Philadelphia Pa


"For me, as a dedicated deer hunter, the Ground Effect hunting seat checks all the boxes. It's the only seat I use, and probably ever will. It's definitely the quietest, and it has my full endorsement!"

– Ray Waleszczak | 1977 International Indoor Archery Champion

(The Vegas Open)


"Great seat! Light weight and easy to carry. It can go on any tree. The tree doesn’t have to be straight! I like how the seat is offset from the tree. This allows for easy shots behind you!"

– Mike C.